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It has always been our commitment to provide our adult learners with quality learning experience. Recognizing their need for the abilities to
communicate in English fluently and accurately in real contexts and authentic situations, we continually attempt to improve our teaching service
so that they will meet the need.


Length of Program : 50 hours (2,5 Months)

Number of Sessions : 25 Meetings

Meetings per Week : 3 Meetings

Levels : ECP 1 - 2



To train the learners to use English properly in various personal, social, and bussiness interactions.
To help strengthen the learners self confidence to sommunicate face-to-face as well as in front of an audience.
To provides basic skills needed for successful presentation.
To prepare the learners for an internatonal standard test (TOEIC® Test ) or a national standard test (Uji Kompetensi-LSK-BIG).

Practice "Taking an Order

Practice "On the telephone"

Practice "BBC TOEIC® Prediction Test"


English Conversation Program is designed in such a way to assure adult learners meet their needs.
The learning activities includes:


Snapshot presents interesting
information that introduces the topic of
a unit or cycle


This activity develops different listening skills
starting from listening for gists, listening for details,
and listening comprehensions

Fluency Activities

Various activities are developed so that the
learners can use the language as freely and
communicatively as possible in the forms of role
play, discussion, and debate


This sessions provide the learners with
core skills needed for successful

Movie appreciation

This activity is intended to give the learners a
chance to express their opinion and experiences
dealing with entertainment

TOEIC® Test Tips and Tricks

A session is especially intended to
provide the learners with easy tips and
tricks to TOEIC® Test.


Blocknote and pen
Drink and snacks
Certificate of Accomplishment (ECEP/ECIP)
Certificate of BBC TOEIC® Prediction Test


Evaluation is conducted three times:
Evaluation 1 : Individual Presentation (session #12)
Evaluation 2 : Pair-Work Conversation (session #24)
Evaluation 3 : Individual Presentation (session #25)
Evaluation 3 can be done in different ways, such as:
* farewell party in the classroom or in a restaurant/cafe * outing class * total immersion

Outing Class

Total Immersion

BBC Build Better Communication

BBC memiliki banyak program untuk pembelajaran bahasa inggris.

Anda dapat memilih program-program yang cocok anak sekolah, mahasiswa, karyawan dan lainnya.